Popular Media Wall Designs

Media Walls add a fantastic focal point into any room. They draw your eye to the centre of the room. Media walls come in all shapes and sizes, from a chimney breast media wall to a full wall media wall there really is a media wall suited for everyone. 

Here at Home Cinema Design all of our media walls are bespoke and are built to suit the customers desires from start to finish in 8 days. 

The most popular media wall designs consist of built in storage being incorporated into the media wall design, this includes cubed shelves either side, glass shelving and bespoke built cupboard units.

These media walls have become a favourite of many customers as many people like to make the most out of the space a media wall would take up and have storage/places to show their decorative items. 


Questions Answered: 


Q: How deep are your media walls? 

A: The depth of a media wall completely varies on the depth of the fireplace you’re looking to have installed. In most cases a media wall will be 30cm deep. 


Q: How wide are the media walls? 

A: The width of a media wall completely varies on the design/style of media wall you’re looking for. Typically a chimney breast style would range between 1.6m – 1.8m wide. 

A media wall with 3 cubes either side is typically 3m – 3.5m wide unless you’re looking to have a full wall design. Then this would be the same size as your wall. 


Q: Why do media walls take 8 days to build? 

A: First, the framework for your media wall would need to be built. Then this would need to be plasterboard. (This can take 2 days depending on the media wall design).

Your media wall would then require skimming, this would typically require 2 – 3 days to dry once skimmed.

Once dry, your media wall would then require decorating.

Finally, once decorated, we would then be able to complete your installation by installing and configuring all of your products. 


Q: What is included in a media wall installation? 

A: We include everything with your media wall installation once booked with us. We build media walls from start to finish, the whole process includes:

Full drawing design of media wall,

All materials,

Full build,


Painting and decorating,


LED lighting (for behind screen and in shelving if required) 

Removal of all waste,

All cables,

Connectors and sundries to complete the installation.


We can also include removal of radiators or gas fireplaces as part of your installation. We can also supply your fireplace, TV and soundbar if you would be looking to upgrade these products as part of your installation process. 


Do you have any other questions your would like to know the answer to? Please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.