Television Wall Mounting and Installation

Wall mounting televisions is the modern style that gives your home or workplace the neat clean finish. Home Cinema Design are the professionals at making sure that a TV is secure on any wall and is finished to the highest standard keeping perfectly level, hiding all cables and giving optimum viewing from all angles. 

Surround Sound and Multi-room Audio Installs

Surround sound and multi-room audio is amazing in any home. If you are an avid movie watcher or massively passionate about music, then Home Cinema Design has all the expertise to guide you to the best sound system for your home. We can create and install entire home audio solutions, so you can listen to the same music everywhere or even different music in each room! If you want to be blown into your seat while watching a hollywood film then we can create the most immersive home theatre right in your living room. 

Cable Management and Concealment

Cable management and concealment is something Home Cinema Design takes great pride in. We have a great passion for hiding all those awful cables no one likes to see. Cable management finishes a project perfectly and gives a great wow factor to any install.  

Aerial and TV Point Installation

Aerial and multi room TV point installation is a specialist area of ours at Home Cinema Design. We have all the expertise to install extra TV points and aerials to get each home the best reception possible. We make sure all our installations are finished to the highest standard, by using the best cable management techniques and giving our customers the neatest finish possible. 

Handyman Services

​At Home Cinema Design we specialise in a range of services, including all those small jobs that need doing around the house. These can include anything from home improvement, furniture assembly, artwork and wall hanging installations and much more. We even offer a full installation package services for customers relocating homes to take the stress of settling in away from them.

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Home Cinema Design possesses more than 10 years' of experience in audio visual installation for both corporate and domestic properties.